Malta is generally better known for its weather and accessibility from Europe. However, of late there has been a spike in the number of casinos that are either operating in Malta or incorporated there. Checking the popular online casinos will reveal that many of them have licenses and incorporation in the small country. It is reported that up to 15% of Malta’s GDP is casino driven. So, why Malta?

Taxation regime

The government of Malta recognized that there is value in making it easy for gaming firms to be incorporated in Malta. With the right advice, it is possible for a gaming firm to pay only 5% as the tax for its gains. The taxation regime is deliberately friendly to gaming companies to attract them by the hundreds. Think about it, the country does not need to create any physical space or even infrastructure to maintain the gaming firms. Many of these online firms only want a certificate of corporation. It therefore costs next to nothing to have these companies incorporated in Malta, but the financial gains are great.


Malta is part of the European Union. That means a business incorporated in Malta has the rights to operate in any country within the EU without having to get licenses in that country. Given an option between a European country that is a member of the EU and Malta, gaming firms will take Malta any time because the government there actively seeks out gaming firms and helps them register fast and get going.

Malta also attracts casinos because of its weather. Online casinos are able to sell the weather and lifestyle as a fantastic destination for people from all over Europe to come and work. Most online casino need a multi lingual staff and therefore need an attractive package to offer employees in order to entice them away from their home countries and Malta definitely ticks a lot of boxes.