Almost every brand of online casino that you’ll find will offer some type of welcome bonus. These different bonuses are offered as a way to allow you to test out their casino, give you a feel and also give them an edge over competitors by offering a better sign-up bonus.

These attractive bonuses come in many forms, such as no-deposit bonuses, free play bonuses, cashable and non-cashable; and because of the variety and different brands of casinos that offer these incentives, it can be really good to make sure beforehand by doing your research. These bonuses could also win you a lot of money if lady luck is on your side, like this lucky lady from the UK who won a fortune without spending a cent. Check out the story reported by The Mirror.

Most welcome bonuses require you to wager a certain amount of money before you are allowed to withdraw any money; this can either be a portion of the bonus amount won, or a portion of the deposit and bonus amount. The best way to take advantage of the welcome bonus is to really read and understand the fine print. Just because something appears to have a low wagering requirement, it could be hiding the total amount you need to fork out to actually get any of your earnings from the casino. To get a better grip on this, we recommend reading Casino Cash Bonus where you can best learn how to make the welcome bonus work for you and enjoy the spoils!

Once read and understood in terms of the money required, you can make an educated decision as to which welcome bonus requires the lowest risk for you to quickly withdraw cash. However, most online casinos noticed the generic pattern of players signing on, taking advantage of the welcome bonus and then moving on to very low risk games such as Blackjack, until they reach the point to which they can withdraw their money. So, in consequence they got savvier and made it more complex, with a higher required risk to take money out of the casino.