It is very difficult to name all the casino bonuses being offered out there. There are millions of online casinos who are competing for the same customers so every casino has its own different type of casino bonus.

The basic concept of a bonus still remains the same; to attract more customers and keep them in the casino. Here we will just mention a few of the bonus categories we have in online casinos today, and for more information check this out.

Welcome or sign up bonus

This is offered to every first timer in the casino. It is a form of a warm welcome for every new comer. It is supposed to attract people to join the online casino, but most importantly it allows new players to practice at a game without investing any of their money. This reduces the risk for the player but also offers them a taste of what to find in the casino.

No deposit bonus

This is quite similar to the welcome bonus. The casino usually deposits some amount of money in the customer’s account which enables them play the games for free. This often comes with some considerable requirements which might be stringent for the player. Sometimes the player cannot withdraw any money they win by using this bonus but have to re-use it in the casino.

In match bonus

This is one of the most attractive. It comes during the course of the game and is the most varied in the casino world. Most online casinos offer this bonus based on a percentage of the customer’s deposit. It is most attractive because it increases as the deposit increases. It also increases depending on the player’s mastery of the game. The better you are at winning, the more the bonus.

There are also other forms of bonuses like the referral bonus, loyalty bonus, reload bonus and many other forms of bonuses.