Seven Stud Card poker has been around a long time; it was played during the America civil war by soldiers and is played today by poker aficionados. This variation of poker is a “stud” game and what that means is that the players have to use the original cards that they are dealt in order to try to get the best possible hand. Unlike “draw” games, the players are not given the chance to trade some of their cards to get a better combination. Now let’s move on with how to play.

  1. At the start of the game each player will place a bet, or in other words put in an ante, and the dealer will then hand out everyone’s first cards; two facing down and one facing up.
  2. According to the experts it now comes down to the card facing up and the player who has the lowest value to place a small bet, a “bring in”. The rest of the players will also put in their bets one by one before the next card is dealt.
  3. The name of the next card is “Fourth Street” and the player with the highest value will now start the betting process.
  4. “Fifth Street” is the name of the next card that will be dealt face up and the players will once again place bets, and the same process takes place when the sixth card is dealt. Seven card stud poker is also known by another name (, this name is “Down the River”, because uncertainty and nerve wracking vibes will follow you throughout each round.
  5. The seventh card will be face down, and after the final bets have been placed it is time to show the seven cards each player has on hand. Whoever has the best five card combination is the winner of 7 Card Stud Poker.