As the casino industry grows, so do the options for games that are being provided. In the early days there were only a few games available such as Poker, Baccarat or Craps. Now there are hundreds if not thousands of options on offer.

There are the classic or traditional card games such as the aforementioned Poker. Now however, instead of just one type of game there are multiple different options encompassing different rules and quirks of the game from around the world. Other traditional casino games on offer include Craps, Baccarat and the ever-popular Roulette. 

As casinos have extended their reach, more and more games are now available. Video slots are now one of the most popular choices on offer. These involve the traditional slot machine, but instead of a real life lever and boxy machine, they have been turned into efficient yet exciting online versions. The video slot genre of casino games is probably one of the largest growing areas of the online casino industry, with over a thousand games already on offer. These come in a wide range of themes, betting options and limits, and varying levels of difficulty. All, however, cater to the excitement and thrill that gamer’s desire.

The last area of gaming available to online casino goers is that of the Live Casino. These are usually traditional games such as Baccarat and Roulette, and are played in a room provided with live video feed. All players remain in their own houses using their own electronic devices to connect to the feed, where a live dealer will deal cards or spin the wheel as the game demands. This type of online casino game is steadily gaining popularity due to its ease of play, and providing the familiarity and ambience of the land based casino, whilst players remain in the comfort of their own home.